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Hemp As Natura Medicine

Top Selling Hemp Products

Zz Cbd Kapky Extract 10 Krabicka Eng 200x200

CBD Hemp oil 10%, 10ml

CBD Oil - Hemp seed oil enriched with CBD extract 10% - 10ml. A unique ...

Before discount69,90 €
Sales price: 66,90 €
 642.24 kr
Cbd 200x200

CBD hemp tea 1,6%, 35 g

Hemp buds and leafs with a high content of CBD grown in the Czech ...

Before discount6,99 €
Sales price: 6,50 €
 62.4 kr
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Zz Konopny Olej Kanada Eng 500ml Mockup 200x200

Hemp oil BIO extra virgin 500 ml

Hemp seed oil is the best source for omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. It is ...

Before discount13,99 €
Sales price: 12,99 €
 124.7 kr
Og Kosh7 200x200

E-liquid with CBD, hemp flavor - OG KUSH, 10ml

E-liquid with CBD suitable for electronic cigarette or vaporizer, OG KUSH ...

Before discount13,99 €
Sales price: 11,99 €
 115.1 kr
Zz Cbd Kapky Extract 5 Krabicka Eng  200x200

CBD Hemp oil 5%, 10ml

CBD Oil - Hemp seed oil enriched with CBD extract 5% - 10ml. A unique food ...


Sales price: 38,90 €
 373.44 kr
Zz Mast Kuze Eng Mockup 200x200

Hemp ointment with marigold for the skin,...

Hemp ointment with hemp and marigold extract is beneficial for skin ...

Before discount11,50 €
Sales price: 9,90 €
 95.04 kr
Zz Cbd Kapky Crystal 10  Eng New Mockup 200x200

Hemp oil with crystallized CBD 10%, 10ml

CBD Oil - Hemp seed oil enriched with crystallized CBD 10% - 10ml. Unique ...


Sales price: 72,90 €
 699.84 kr
Klasil 200x200

Hemp tea - leafs and buds, 30g

Hemp leafs and buds (leafs, flowers, seeds)


Sales price: 4,99 €
 47.9 kr

Hemp benefits for human health?

  • The Tea calms the nervous system and helps in digestion
  • CBD - Cannabidiol generally has a good effect on our health
  • Proteins help to regenerate and digest
  • Oil is excellent for brain and organ development
  • The seeds protect the heart and vascular system
  • Ointment helps with psoriasis and eczema

Why to use hemp every day?

  •  Contains healing CBD and other cannabinoids
  •  Ideal ratio of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  •  High level of super quality proteins
  •  Essential oils to support the improvement of the brain and organs
  •  Ideal for cold and warm cooking

Experiences with hemp products

  • After 1 week of using hemp protein, my husband started to feel much better physically and mentally. Regular intake of hemp protein helped him also helped him with digestion problems. 
    To sum it up - hemp protein is natural, tasty and effective. Thank you.

    200x200xaneta Hvezdova O Konopnem Proteinu
  • For me, sport is a hobby. That is relaxing and fun. Every day I mix hemp protein, usually with a half of a banana together with rice or oat milk. It gives my body energy, but also important nutrients and doesn't slow my digestion after training. It also speeds up my regeneration after training. 

    200x282xdalibor Uhlir O Konopnem Proteinu

Hemp - news, articles, legislation

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    Biofach 2018 - Come to meet Cannadorra team

    This Organic trade will be held at the Organic Trade Fair from 14 - 17 February 2018 in the Nuremberg Exhibition Center. Included Cannadorra! Come and meet with us.

    Sleep Disorders

    CBD hemp and sleep disorders

    According to the latest research, nearly one third of the population suffers from sleep disorders. In the short term, this is not a problem that needs to be treated. However, if insomnia takes a long time, you can begin to experience many undesirable side effects.


    Cbd Oil Quality

    CBD oil – 4 qualities you should look after

    „CBD surely helps to cease many health problems or diseases, however, the market is full of low-quality products. And this is the problem.“ States ICCI Prague – International Cannabis & Cannabinoids Institute.

    The 8 Most Important Cbd Studies Ever Published Hero

    10 ways of treating by hemp and what we have in common with it?

    This article summarizes all the important and known effects of hemp and the substances contained in the human organism. Hemp contains more than 1,000 different cannabinoids. These substances are also a natural part of the human organism. These types, human´s cannabinoids, are called endocannabinoids and there is a part of a human cannabinoid system, which harmonizes practically all the functions of our organism - digestion, growth, development, nervous system, defense and metabolism.

Sale products

Hemp Protein 1000g 200x200

Hemp protein BIO 1 kg

Protein in BIO quality – protein of high quality. 1kg 50% Pure plant ...


Sales price: 26,90 €
 258.24 kr
Zz Cbd Kapky Extract 10 Krabicka Eng 200x200

CBD Hemp oil 10%, 10ml

CBD Oil - Hemp seed oil enriched with CBD extract 10% - 10ml. A unique ...

Before discount69,90 €
Sales price: 66,90 €
 642.24 kr
Zz Konopne Ghi Eng Bio Mockup 200x200

CBD Hemp Butter Bio - Ghee

Hemp Ghee containing CBD and CBDa. 220 ml. Gluten & lactose-free.

Before discount13,90 €
Sales price: 11,90 €
 114.24 kr
Zz Hemp Juice Cbd Eng Mockup 200x200

CBD Hemp Juice (Powdered)

CBD Hemp Juice with apple powder contains 0,6% CBD and CBDa. New weight: ...

Before discount11,50 €
Sales price: 8,90 €
 85.44 kr
Hemp as Natural Medicine

Hemp has great medicinal and nutritional properties. It can be used against many diseases or just as a prevention and source of vitality & longevity.  

Learn how to use it in your everyday life. Get recipes, articles, news, useful information and studies...

Hampa som naturmedicin

Hampa har riktigt bra medicinska och näringsmässiga egenskaper. Det kan användas mot många sjukdomar eller bara som något förebyggande och källa till livskraft & livslängd.  

Lär dig att använda det i din vardag. Få recept, artiklar, nyheter, användbar information och studier...